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Everything a New Elementary School Teacher REALLY Needs to Know

It’s not a typical how-to manual for new teachers, but a “little black book” of tools and tactics for getting through every school day with grace and sanity. It covers things most elementary teachers have had to learn the hard way—from managing parents to walking your class down the street safely on a field trip to why it’s important to keep a change of clothes in the classroom. The information in the book will save new teachers time and energy, and help them to be more effective, right away.

What people are saying. . .

Otis Kriegel is the teacher every parent wants their child to have. For those who care about improving the quality of our schools you simply have to hope that elementary teachers and parents will buy and read this book.

Through engaging anecdote and lucid reflection, Kriegel draws on his own professional journey in making a vital contribution to the field of teacher education.

Drawing upon his own years of teaching and reflections on what it means to teach well, Kriegel offers readers a practical, personable road map for how they can become better teachers.

This book is a treasure trove of ‘for real’ tasty tidbits of advice. Kriegel writes well enough to read it through like a novel, but there is so much useful information I have placed it in a handy location, so when a question comes up or a school routine looms ominously in the near future, I can go to the table of contents and use the book like a good old-fashioned Farmers’ Almanac.

This is an indispensable guide for any teacher, whether they’re just starting out or looking for straight-up, sensible advice on how to improve their classroom and their practice.

Covering crucial territory that is often overlooked in certification programs, without ever being rigidly prescriptive, Kriegel guides the reader with humor, care, and incisive intelligence. It’s a book to devour from cover to cover, and to return to often.

Teaching is not easy, especially the first years. This books aids you through those moments when you wonder why on earth you have decided to be a teacher and helps ground you in the normalcy of chaos that is being a first-year teacher. Otis’s advice is practical, his experience is real, and the lessons are incredibly valuable.

Finally, a practical survival guide for first year teachers that provides the blueprint for what you need to do – and how – to be an effective teacher. Every teacher beginning their career should have this book.

More than a book, this volume is a companion along the way. Lighthearted and appreciative, Otis Kriegel’s book recognizes the challenges and joys of this endlessly complex, challenging, and rewarding profession. It offers insight and encouragement to beginning teachers – and contains more than a few tips on survival. You’ll want to meet Otis for a cup of coffee at the end of the school day.