Otis’s work is the hurricane of fresh air that education needs to day.

Dr. Joseph Rafter, Professor, New York University


Skills, Strategies & Tips for K-5 Teachers

Be Effective Now without Burning Out

Are your teachers burning out? Are they struggling to stay in the career longer than a year, leaving before they “get it”?  Have you discovered that theories, new curriculum and testing materials aren’t helping?

They need practical, proven strategies that work in the classroom to help them manage the workload, their students and themselves. Here’s how:

This engaging workshop helps both teachers new to the career and veterans to generate new ideas on how to deal with the everyday speed bumps that keep them from being effective and doing their job: teaching. Why is it important to keep a change of clothes in the classroom?  What do you do to get along with the principal? How do I travel with my class safely?  Teachers need skills and tips to implement in their class tomorrow so they feel more confident, more relaxed and more ready to teach.

Participants will learn:

  • Tips to save teacher’s time and energy and avoiding burnout
  • Infusing new teachers and veterans with inventive ideas on how to manage their classroom, and themselves, to be more efficient with their time
  • Avoid having to “reinvent the wheel”: innovative management and classroom-based skills
  • Reenergize and inspire veterans and new teachers to think differently in their classroom to make them a better, more effective teacher
  • How to balance work and life as a teacher to keep them in the career

Ranging from 45 to 90 minutes, or half-day to full-day, this program will be tailored to meet the audience’s needs at conferences, district workshops, teacher training  programs and universities.

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Otis took this group of graduate students through important territory that is often overlooked in teacher education, and they hung on his every word…

Andra Miletta, Professor of Education, Mercy College

Students raved about the workshop you presented…they wished they could have had more sessions with you.

Frances Rust, Director of Teacher Education Programs, University of Pennsylvania


Schools Visits & Staff Development

Otis is a veteran elementary school teacher who specializes in working with teachers new to the career and veterans alike to help them to improve their practice and learn to love the profession. He works one on one or in small groups in their classrooms and also consults with principles, superintendents and district leaders to discover the skills that are needed to help their new teachers perform at the highest level possible quickly.

  • In-classroom coaching to help teachers find solutions to everyday issues now
  • Classroom system development to help teachers be more effective and have more time to teach
  • Incorporate Common Core Standards and other curricular requirements into systems that help create more time for teaching
  • How to balance work life to stay passionate about teaching and avoid early career burnout
  • Innovative and classroom-specific behavior and classroom management ideas to help teachers feel more comfortable and confident

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Otis Kriegel has compiled a rich compendium of invaluable wisdom gems that he delivers in a lively, immensely engaging style. Seminar participants leave inspired, refreshed, and ready to get back to school to improve their own work!

Marcella Bullmaster-Day, Associate Director, Lander Center for Educational Research, New York City


Public Art Installations and Events to Encourage Collaboration and Interaction.

Kriegel has over 16 years creating and installing participatory-based public art experiences both on the street and commissioned for events. All of these projects are based upon the premise of encouraging participation, collaboration and communication.

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Otis and Illegal Art’s presence was perfect: omnipresent, yet, subtle and in the flow of the event. They were warm, personable, easy to work with, and added yet another way to process and make sense of the work we were doing. Such a pleasure! I would make them a part of every conference I organize!

Leah Lamb, Producer Consultant on Engagement Strategy & Crowdfunding